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Nanjing Restaurants & Food Streets

10000 Buddhas Restaurant 
Fresh vegan-friendly food is the speciality of this small but neatly organized restaurant. The food and atmosphere is good and the staff is great. Though the restaurant does not prepare a wide range of dishes, its simplicity adds a homely touch. 

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Pilu Temple, Changiang Lu
Remarks: Near to Presidential Palace
Cuisine: Chinese, Lacto, Vegan-friendly
Price Range: Budget

The Jiangsu restaurant is well liked for its Suzhou and authentic Beijing preparations. However, the restaurant is most renowned for its Nanjing duck and fried jinling sankao. Dishes like "colourful fish" and "flavoured chicken" also go down well with diners. 

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Address: 278 Taiping Road (S)
Tel: +86 (0)25 86643970
Cuisine: Chinese Price Range: Pricey

Cuixiangge Restaurant
Cuixiangge RestaurantCuixiangge restaurant specializes in serving authentic Cantonese and Chiuchow cuisines. At the restaurants, customers can expect to find more than 100 different types of midnight and dip sum snacks. Some of the most popular dishes served at the restaurant include changfen- glutinous steamed rice flour wrapper prepared with ground meat, vegetables and egg as well as xiajiao, a dish comprising of dumplings and a shrimp filling.

The restaurant is open for 21 hours on a daily basis opening early in the morning and closing deep in the night. They also accept all the major credit cards.

Location: Xuanwu Food district
Add.: No. 200, Zhongshan Rd
Telephone: 025- 8360 3108/ 8360 3038
Cuisine: chingfen and xiajiao

Shizilou Restaurant
Shizilou RestaurantThis restaurant is one of the times honored and the most treasured brand in Nanjing and boasts of having a history of more than 300 years now. It is built in a rather antique style comprising of painted rafters and carved beams. According to the locals, the restaurant’s name, Shi Zi Lou, was actually inscribed by the revered and esteemed painter and poet, Zheng Banqio during the era of the Qing Dynasty.

Sitting on the midst of Yangtze River Delta garden, Shizilou restaurant should definitely be your highlight during your visit in Nanjing. You get to enjoy the burbling sound of the stream as you taste local authentic dishes and enjoy the traditional dough sculpture performance and Chinese music. All the major credit cards are also accepted at Shizilou restaurant.

Add.: No 29, Lion Bridge- Gulou District
Telephone: 025- 83607888
Cuisine: Local dishes
Transport: Near Xuanwumen Metro Station, Hunan Lu Food Street

Nanjing Food-Stall Restaurant
Founded in October 1994, it is the first restaurant to focus on Nanjing local cuisine catering. It is well-known for the traditional style of folk culture, defined as "folk characteristics of the local flavor”. The usher here, an elder with a skullcap, makes you feel the charm of the past years.

Add: No.2 Shiziqiao,  Hunan Road,  Gulou District
Tel: 025-83305777

Maxiangxing Muslim Restaurant 
This is the oldest Islamic restaurant in Nanjing, offering snacks on the first floor and meals on the second floor. The store decorations feature a pure Muslim style. Among snacks, the beef series is the most recommended. 

Address: No 32 North Yunnan Road, Gulou District
Tel: 025-83286387

Luliuju Vegetarian Restaurant 
Founded in 1921, the restaurant was originally located at the Peach-Leaf Ferry of the Qinhuai River, getting its name from the charming shadows of willows around the ferry. It is well-known for serving authentic vegetarian dishes. Address: No 248 South Taiping Road, Xuanwu District Tel: 025-84527177

Guest Restaurant at Confucius Temple Scenic Area 
Located at the Confucius Temple Scenic Area right beside the bank of the Qinhuai River, with a four-story building in the style of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, this restaurant is famous for its comprehensive showpiece dishes. Besides catering, facilities for business, conferences and entertainment are also at your service. 

Address: No. 12 Chaoku Street, Qinhuai District
Tel: 025-52263055

Sanxing Pastry & Dumpling Store 
This traditional brand shop was founded in 1949. There goes a saying in the catering industry: "Enjoy Nanjing cuisine, please try Sanxing pastry first." Address: No 1 Shigu Road, Baixia District 

Tel: 025-84462380

Luliuju Vegetarian Restaurant 
Founded in 1921, the restaurant was originally located at the Peach-Leaf Ferry of the Qinhuai River, getting its name from the charming shadows of willows around the ferry. It is well-known for serving authentic vegetarian dishes. 

Address: No 248 South Taiping Road, Xuanwu District
Tel: 025-84527177

Nanjing Snack Street

Shiziqiao Food Street
Shiziqiao food street, located in the middle of Hunan Road, is now famous near and far for its great variety of foods and distinctive features.

Fuzimiao Food Street
The food street is located at Xishibai Street in the Confucius Temple area, 600m long, with a constructed space of 35000 square meters. Fuzimiao food street has the uniqueness of architectural styles of Ming and Qing dynasties, with a strong cultural atmosphere. Concentrated here are the local flavor snacks, traditional flavors from other regions, and characteristic foreign foods. The street has become a famed place for tourism and sightseeing in the Confucius Temple area.

Wangfu Leisure and Food Street
Wangfu leisure and food street is a necessary complement in function to the Xinjiekou commercial circle, and also an extension after shopping activities. Based on the existing restaurants, some large restaurant enterprises that also do business in clothes have also been introduced into the area so as to provide conveniences for the consumers to go shopping after eating.

Shi Quan Shi Mei- Food Plaza
"Shi Quan Shi Mei- Food Plaza is located on the first sub-ground floor of Xinjiekou Department Store, just at the exit of Xinjiekou subway station of Metro Line 1. With a batch of high, middling grade and general restaurants like the Kentucky Sweet Food Restaurant, the Weiqian Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in the plaza, the food plaza is filled with great variety of food restaurants, which has become a new food street in Nanjing.

Hanfu Street
Hanfu Street, opposite Nanjing Presidential Hall, is the most recent of Nanjing’s gourmet streets. Rather than focusing on international foods, Hanfu offers a wide variety of domestic fare. Sichuan food, ethnic Guizhou food, Tibetan barbecue, northeastern dumplings and more. Coffee shops and teahouses also proliferate.

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