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Wuxi to build Hongshan Tourist Resort

Wuxi Hongshan Tourist Resort was approved by the Jiangsu provincial government on Oct 25. With a planning area of 17.25 square kilometers, Wuxi Hongshan Tourist Resort boasts rich tourism resources.

The resort, through which the 3,200-year-old Taibo Canal passes, not only has historic and cultural resources at national level, such as the Three Tais and One Site (Taibo Canal, Taibo Tomb, Taibo Temple and Hongshan Site) as well as Qian Mu and Qian Weichang's former residences, but is also endowed with rich natural resources and a high proportion of pleasant water areas, such as Lianghong Wetland Park, and large areas of fertile land. Hongshan Tourist Resort will be developed into a tourist town run by the internet of things, characterized by the culture of Wu, recreational agriculture and natural landscapes.


Lianghong Wetland Park
Located inside the Exhibition Park of Chinese Wu Culture in Wuxi's Xinwu district, Lianghong National Wetland Park is close to Taibo Canal and bordered by Cao Lake in the east and Wangyu River in the south. It is named after the legend of Liang Hong and Meng Guang, who, after their marriage, treated each other with great courtesy.

The park integrates natural wetlands with rustic charm, attractive water culture and pristine pastoral scenery. Tourists are able to feel relaxed enjoying an abundance of rivers, lakes and lush green vegetation, with boats gently swaying on the water and birds flying above.

Visitors can row boats, learn the soft Suzhou dialect, listen to local folk songs and appreciate the scenery. Tourists can also trace the clues of the historic story of Taibo, the ancestor of Jiangnan who regulated the rivers and watercourses, and the love story of Liang Hong and Meng Guang by traveling overland and experiencing Wu culture in Lianghong Wetland, including its water conservancy, farming, old bridges, romantic tales and farming life.


Taibo Scenic Area
Taibo Scenic Area, also known as the Mound of the King of Wu and the Royal Mausoleum, is located at the southern foot of scenic Hongshan Mountain. Taibo Tomb is near the mountain, imposingly facing south. The Square of Wu Culture, the stone archway, Yangzhi Pavilion and the pavilion with royal inscriptions stand inside the scenic area.

Wu Taibo, the founder of Wu culture, who is praised for his nobility and humility in giving away his crown to his younger brother. Wu culture is immensely popular in Wuxi and throughout Jiangsu province. Featuring Wu culture, the scenic area integrates natural and cultural landscapes, and displays the 3,000-plus-year history of production, culture and folk customs in the Area of Wu with various materials including manuscripts, statues and inscriptions.


Hongshan Site Museum
Hongshan Site Museum, a museum of relics based on the Hongshan Tombs, is a national key cultural relic protection unit. The site of Qiucheng Burial Mound, includes "two museums and one site", namely, the Museum of Chinese Wu Culture, Hongshan Site Museum and the Site of Qiucheng Burial Mound for Nobles of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). The museum was recognized as one of China's top ten archaeological discoveries in 2004.

The architectural style of Hongshan Site Museum is natural and simple. From the graphic design that resembles a bow and arrow, the surrounding waterways to the special bronze tiles on the roof, all the designs reflect the history in the Bronze Age. The roofs of the buildings along the central axis are in the two-slope style, while the courtyard between the entrance and the central hall is paved with black bricks, reflecting the unique architectural style of Jiangnan.

                                                                                                                 ---- From China Daily

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